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The Pro Dash is one of the more exciting and useful products to be introduced into data acquisition. It is both a driving instrument and a tuning tool. Although it is more frequently seen in the cockpit of many high profile dragsters it can be mounted anywhere, and it is used more by the crew chiefs than the drivers. The Pro Dash is designed for use with the Pro series data recorders. The Pro Dash will display any function that is being monitored by a Pro III or Pro IIIA data recorder. Up to 36 different functions, in addition to the ever-present RPM bar, can be displayed on its three individual screens. Four sets of programmable displays allow the user to scroll between displays and view only those functions he needs. Commonly monitored items for display include engine RPM, EGT’s, fuel flow, pressures, ignition timing, boost, and temperatures.
Dimensions for the Pro Dash are 3.8OO” tall x 9.385” wide x.625” deep. Total weight is a mere 17 ounces including its carbon fiber mount.It is backlit for nighttime use.